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  • $475 to $600


Our Siamese beauties are for your enjoyment.

Thank you for visiting our website. We want to let you know that we treat our cats like children because they each have their own bed, and kitty litter, and play in a condo cat house tree. We are a cattery of compassion. No cages. Our kittens are well adjusted, litter trained, playful and healthy.


I flew over 1000 miles three times around the country and selected kittens from reliable registered breeders. Included in my cattery are chocolates, as well as blues and blue-lynx sealpoints. The blues are in the most demand, but I think the blue lynx seal points are the most beautiful.  Their original name was SnowTiger Lynx siamese because the tips of their lynx hair looks like snow.

We breed only registered cats of the apple-head line and register each litter. Since we are also a registered cattery we can sell breeding rights to selected individuals based on certain needs required for cattery. We have bred the best of the best and are proud of our new litters. as you will know as an owner of these companions, they like to talk and keep you company. They will live long, some up to 17 years.  These adorables make great gifts for Christmas, for an anniversary, or birthday.  We can also deliver for a fee. All dams and sires have tested FIPV negative.

Even if you are a dog lover you will  not have trouble loving these intelligent loyal creatures.  They are a purebreed and you will soon learn why you spent your money on this bloodline, and not regret it. You will be glad you made the decision to buy. Don't get me wrong, I have gotten strays from the pound because I was sorry for them.  But if it is not a purbreed you just do not have the same interaction as you would have. It is an experience that every cat lover or dog lover should think about having. Please feel free to contact me for more information or new pictures and updates on upcoming litters and choices.

Once you have a Siamese you will always want a Siamese with eyes that mesmerize.


When the Siamese kittens are first born they are completely white.  Then as their eyes begin to open the color of the ears, tail, paws, and face become darker; hence called sealpoint. Some have bodies that will stay lighter in color and some darker, but the contrast of the shadow effect is always there.

They are very clean and shed very little. My stray given to me from the pound by a friend sheds mounds of hair, but not the Siamese.  They lay everywhere and have not been a problem for me .  Of course if you hold them with a black shirt on it shows a little hair; just as if you had just combed your head with a black shirt on .  Black always needs a little more caution. So if your sofa is black or your bedspread is black I would not recommend letting anything lay on it .  Not even a poodle can lay black and not leave some kind of lint.


You may ask if you should get a male or a female. I have had enough cats to tell you what to expect. Female Siamese are more choosey than the males and have to warm up first. But once they warm up they stay put in your lap. Usually they will be the the first to advance to you.  So be patient by talking first and maybe offering a treat so they will come around more quickly. The females will talk more I have found by guttural purrs.  Of course some will meow but none the less will use some fashion of feline conversation.  You will be surprised at how much they understand. Once you use a word with them they recognize it and will understand what you are saying .  Just take the time to build the vocabulary with them. Just like you would a baby. this is one child that will not leave the nest. If you  have an empty nest, then getting a Siamese is the best thing you could do for yourself in my opinion.

Now the male is frequently affectionate and on the prowl. He will jump at the chance for any kind of attention at all, but equally as intelligent. the males will spray if there is more than one.  But I have five females and one male and he never has sprayed.  As long as you have only one male you will not have the competition over the females. It is his pride and he has no natural enemy in the house. If you let your male outside he will roam more than the female.  He may even get caught by a fox, which is a natural enemy for cats and possum. I would not recommend leaving your Siamese out at night. But as an after thought, you may not want to leave any Siamese out because people tend to steal them when they see a beautiful cat. This has happened to me and I had to learn the hard way.  So do what you want, it is just a bit of advice.


As far as keeping them clean they keep themselves clean.  But, now and then I take a wet sponge and wipe then down. Some cannot reach the back to well, especially the male and might get a little greasy after a month or so. That is when I use a damp sponge and write down for about a minute for two.  I never put them in water, because they hate being put in water.

I also trim their paws and use a product called soft paws on their claws after pruning them just on the tip. These soft paws are the best thing for keeping them from damaging themselves with too much scratching. If you want to know more about soft paws just do a search on the internet for "soft paws".

My choice of food is Purina dry cat food.  It was not on the recall list. Also be careful about which treat you give them since it has been reported on the news that some treats have poisoned some animals. So I have stopped buying treats.  I have a recipe for cat treats if you need it. I will be glad to help you with any kitten you buy because I want you to love and enjoy your feline.

Some owners like their cats to sleep with them. Some cats toss and turn others lay in one spot and are not restless at night. It just depends on their sleeping habits. You will find humans differ in sleep habits as well, so you just have to decide if you want your cat in bed or in its bed.

Any cat loves to climb and scratch so a kitty scathing post is best.  Otherwise you will have a designated piece of furniture that you cat will choose.  I personally use a cat condo which have four layers and a cove.  That is where one of my females likes to go to give birth to her litters. So far she has had only two litters. She only had two kittens the first time and four the second.  As far as my other female she had six kittens right off the bat. I have not allowed my other to females to bread yet as I prefer then to be at least a year old. I do not thin it wise to bread a female too young. I want her to be healthy and developed before having a litter.   A good indiction is when they start turning color from white to developing their shadows.  Of course with the blues they have showdown with deep blue eyes shortly after birth, so I look for their points to start turning darker before I choose to breed them.  But no matter what they will want to scratch no mater how old they are.

As far as kitty litter goes. I have tried all kinds. I really have no favorite. I do not get the flusable kind though because I would rather clean into a bag and toss it in the garbage rather than flush it. I Have clogged my toilet doing that, so I do not flush any more. One thing I have noticed is that some cats will really kick it up to cover their business and leave litter around the box, that is why I have the box with an enclosure. Some hardly make a mess at all.  So you have to watch what kind of potty habits your feline has and decide which type of litter container to buy.


Now you might be wondering how many kinds of Siamese there are. Well to start with there are those who are apple-head because they have a round face.  then there are those who are pointed face and shallow looking.  It is just a matter of preference. As far a color goes there are the tortie, which are all different shades of white, black , taupe, and brown mixture with no definite outline of shadows. Now if you mate these you will get a mixture of offspring of tortie, blue, or flame point. The flame points are usually only from Torties. If you should breed a flame point you will get tortie for sure.  A flame point is a Siamese with orange ears, tail and paws, but with the same shadows but a little lighter in color.  Another type of sealpoint is the blue sealpoint who is a taupe color with shades of off white or gray and ears and face that are a little darker, and of course really deep blue eyes.  I think the blues have the bluest of eyes, but that is my opinion.Then there is the blue lynx or commonly called the Snow Tiger Lynx Siamese with stripped sealpoints on the face, paws, tail, and ears, with contracting blue eyes. The hair is short and has white on the tips of its coat. Hence the name Snow Tiger. they too are rare to find but not as rare as the flame point . The blues and the traditional sealpoints are in competition with each other as far as popularity. With the blues having a slighter edge because they closely resember the Blue Russian Cat. A rare and very expensive cat if you find one. The traditional Siamese sealpoint has black face, ears, paws and tail, with shadows of white on the neck blending into taupe on the body and then brown in a very uniform order. No matter which one of these you choose they are all beautiful.


Again, if you need to contact me or purchase a kitten please email me at trimthelights@yahoo.com 


My kittens cost $475 for sealpoints , $550 forBlue Point, and $550 for lilac colorpoints. The cost for breeding rights is $750  and it depends on a questionnaire to see if you are a candidate for a cattery for kittens from my cattery. This is to be sure that my Siamese line is always in the hands of a person who really wants to have a home based cattery.